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In an ever changing world businesses need to be able to adapt quickly. Companies shift priorities since new markets arise almost every other season. This has changed the businesses’ demands for new talent. We at Watch Talent recognize this challenge.

However in recruitment, one of today’s largest challenge is that it has become purely transactional, instead of being about people. We do not go along with this. We connect people. More than just recruiters, we construct long lasting relationships.


Mission Statement


Our mission statement can be summarized simple yet effective: Our business is strengthening your business.

Our team of highly experienced recruiters are able to recognize consulting talent when they see it, and by going back and forth between you and the work force, we will find the right expertise for you. Over the past years we have built a wide network of employer clients and candidates across the Belgian, German and Dutch private equity and other investment firms.




Any recruiter can select and match resumes. We however, believe in personal approaches for all our customers on both ends. We talk to hiring managers, discover work places, and are out to discover who is the best person for the job. With this personal approach we have been successful for over ten years already, both for employers and future employees.


How can we help you?


Over the years, we have recruited talent for a wide variety of sectors and an even wider variety of businesses. We are however specialized in recruiting people with a certain country specific expertise in the following sectors:

  •  Private equity
  •  Banking & capital markets
  •  Capital projects
  •  Transport & Technology



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